Vivian HarteYou’ve come to a place that will help you grow into the person you were meant to be.  You’re invited to embark on an extraordinary adventure to achieve permanent and meaningful change.  It’s time to accelerate your growth and connect with your Higher Self.  I bring you these tools for personal growth so that your life will be filled with happiness and you’re able to manifest your dreams.

I can teach you how to go within to identify with your Higher Self.  Whether it’s relaxing and listening to your Higher Self as you follow my guided meditations, listening to and absorbing my voice and the words in my songs, reading and thinking about my e-books, or taking one of my online courses, you’ll strengthen and develop different aspects of your life.

To find out more, click on any of the tools below that you find interesting.  All of the tools on my website are downloads, either MP3s (guided meditations and songs) or pdfs (e-books and online classes).  I hope you enjoy your journey.  Thank you for nurturing yourself and embracing the self you’ve been longing to be.

Guided meditations for enlightenment The Meditations of Light are guided meditations that lead you to deep insights.

High consciousness songs for empowerment I love to sing! And I sing the highest lyrics I know. Listen to my songs over and over again and let them soak into you.

E-books for spiritual growth For those of you who love to read, I will teach you advanced understandings about yourself and society.

Online courses for transformation  Three self-help courses: advanced meditation, assertiveness and teamwork.